5 Habits of Highly Creative Teachers – Part 5

5- The Reflection Corner

by Maureen Maher

To end this post serie on Habits of Higly Creative Teacher, let’s talk about self reflection on our teaching practice. Do you want to experience what other professionals are saying about reflection?  As an educator and life-long learner, we know how commited you are to your profession as well as to improving your craft.  Fortunately, you’re surrounded by great people who are willing to share their experiences, and to nudge us along in this journey.  These articles and video clips might help to stretch your thinking:


In a profession as challenging as teaching, honest self-reflection is key. That means that we must regularly examine what has worked and what hasn’t in the classroom, despite how painful it can sometimes be to look in the mirror. (…) One of the best things about teaching is that every school year offers a fresh start. Make the most of this new beginning – any time of year! – and move ahead with the confidence that you are mindful and motivated to be the best teacher you can be! What else do you contemplate at the start of a new school year? How do you make sure to keep evolving and progressing as an educator? – 


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