5 Habits of Highly Creative Teachers – Part 3

Teachers who are trying to set up a curiosity cabinet and  use the remix culture in their practice are not alone. They need a network where they can exchange experiences and tips. That’s where the concept of tribe is taking place.


by Maureen Maher


Do you want to read about what other people are saying about tribes? The current buzzword within education is PLN (Personal or Professional Learning Network).  We think it is alot more than that.  We think it is about connecting with like-minded individuals who share your passion for learning. Having a Tribe means collective thriving. Helping. Having relationships that are meaningful. The tribe extends their assistance emotionally, physically, communally. They are good listeners and don’t mind taking helpful action on behalf of others in the tribe. These articles might help to stretch your thinking:

So find your tribe it worths the effort!


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